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I haven't really been posting all too much. Been putting my energy into making pretty things. Here is a slide show of the latest stuff I have done. I am still perfecting the technique for the rings. I am also starting in with wire weaving as well. I made some earrings I will make those better as time goes by as well.



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House of Night

I'm really liking this series of books. I was unable to work all weekend due to a back spasm that would not go away.I picked up this book on Friday night Marked a House of Night. I could not put it down. I knew I was going to need to get the second book fast so I insisted B to take me to the bookstore again. I picked up the other 3 books. If you liked Harry Potter  and Twilight you will enjoy this series as well.

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Nov. 8th, 2008

I am very disappointed that i didn't get the TM job I had applied for. I was too honest on what the social committee was about when they asked me. I am happy that my friend got the job because she wasn't getting any of the full time jobs that she was applying for in our department. She knows it has everything to do with our boss. So she applied and got the job. I am disappointed because I am still stuck in that crappy ass department.

I have since quit the social committee, mainly because I felt that nothing was getting done because that one girl wasn't talking to me, and she confirmed my suspicions that it was because I was nice to the one that left 5 months ago. She said it was because someone told her that I ratted her out to the girl, that it was her that was writing her up over stupid stuff. I didn't need to do that, she already knew. All I did was tell her what she needed to do to improve her life in that area. If being nice to someone and trying to make them feel welcome and that they have friends in a new place was the wrong, then I was apart of the wrong committee. Personally I feel that the other girl should have been kicked off of it, because of her behavior. Not just towards me, but towards the new people that come into the lab. The last thing we did was for halloween, and she really didn't do anything for it. She sat in the background while we made up the sign up sheet for the potluck. That is all she did. She wouldn't approach me or my friend to discuss prizes or anything else we did. The wednesday before halloween me and my friend got one of the teamleaders to find the other key for the locker that had all the  money in it. If it wasn't found we were going to cut the lock off.  We planned out the prizes and treat bags and got the money and her and I did all the work without the other girl. Here is the kicker they put it in the news letter that I resigned from the committee. I think they were trying to guilt me for quitting, but of course there are people asking why I quit. Some know the real reason, they see why, it is that obvious.

They announced who got the teamleader position that everyone thought I applied for. The girl that got it thinks she is hot shit, but she is the one that told the other girl that I said things that I didn't say. When they finally announced it she was the one that clapped and screamed the loudest for her self...really who does that?? I looked at everyone's face as they made the announcement. There was only one person that that was happy. That is one of the guys that doesn't do anything and just sits back and causes trouble, which no one says anything about because his wife is a teamleader. FYI his wife is super nice and I have nothing against her at all.

So yesturday I was working in the front office doing my job according to job duties and this new teamleader who hadn't said anything to me for months comes out and tells me to do a job duty that I am not supposed to do. I know that she was trying to prove to me that she is boss, but really she took me away from my actual job duties and cart was late because i got stuck doing something because I was a good person  and did it anyways. I was so angry, that I had to go and talk with another teamleader yesturday and get off my chest everything that has been happening. She tried to tell me that I am a better person that all those people and to no let them get to me. She is right, but at this point I don't feel comfortable there anymore, and I am still going to try to get a position somewhere else. It's just a matter of getting it. I am done with being the one woman who tries to make people feel welcome and gets crapped on for it.

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B and I decided to host a pumpkin carving Friday night. We got all the carving kits, stensils and pumpkins for everyone. Everyone had a great time. Just about everyone had not carved a pumpkin in years, I would say going on to 30 years for me. So I thought I would share the pics with the blogosphere.
We of course let the 8 year old win.Cuz none of us thought of using gumballs for the eyes.
She drew hers free hand and did a pretty darn good job.
Unfortunately the other pumpkins pictures didn't come out too well in the dark. Can you guess which one I did??

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Oct. 23rd, 2008

Six months ago a good friend stopped talking to me.  I blogged about this quite a few months ago, about me trying to talk to her and she had turned her back on me. I couldn't figure out why really, but had some hunches on why. Over the past few months I noticed other ppl on a different shift being rude to me and some things got back to me about a month ago that one guy, whom I got along with when he worked days, had applied for the teamleader position. He told one of the other teamleaders that he applied to keep me from getting the position. They hate me that much to try and sabatoge me moving forward in this job. I was really hurt to hear that,  but I know that they started to behaving that way  when the one girl moved from days to the other shift. This is the same girl I know that caused the trouble between me and the girl who stopped talking to me, because they were on the same walk a thon team just before this all happened and they were talking secretly alot.

My first hunch on why that girl stopped talking to me was that I was nice to the girl she was  trying to get fired. I essentially gave her advice on how to avoid the trouble, like watch your attitude, don't just stand around when there is work to be done, don't lie and stuff like that. She was trying after I talked to her but it just continued the nit picking and just generally trying to get her fired. Poor girl eventually just left back for home giving work no notice what so ever, and I didn't blame her.  There was one time when we went out for drinks after work and the girl that started all the problems was thereI'll refer to her as neanderthal. All the other girl said to me that night was thanks for talking with me I feel alot better now. I do believe that the neandertal was the one that went back to girll that stopped talking to me told her I ratted her out.

About  a month ago I was approached by one of the teamleaders regarding the social committee that me and girl that stopped talking to me are on. I finally came out and said that I wasn't sure that I was even on the committee any more. She asked why and I wasn't sure if I should say, but I eventually said why.I did recruit another girl for the social committee because I think she would be perfect but I didn't have access to any of the stuff in the locker because the other girl had the key and she convienently kept forgetting it.  I think that that teamleader has been trying to get us back together, ever since I told her my hunches. So for the past week we have been actually doing some social committee stuff, and she still wasn't talking all that much to me. We are currently raising money with a 50/50 draw and we had to go and walk to one of the other labs to sell tickets.

During that walk, she started to talk to me a bit. Bringing up that she feels tension from the other girl that I recruited. I personally haven't seen it myself. Then she asks if we are good, I honestly said I wasn't sure. Then she proceeded to tell me that she stopped talking to me because she heard that I was the one that told the girl she was trying to get fired that it was her doing what she was doing. I told her that she already knew before I talked to her and what I really said, the advice I gave her. She still didn't say sorry for her behavior all she said was that is in the past now.

Personally I feel that she shouldn't be on the social committee because of what she did. Social committee is put together to help make the lab a happier place to be .Someone that purposefully tried to get someone fired because they didn't like her isn't one that should be running the committee. That's my opinion anyways. It is nice to actually find out what was really behind all that behavior, and that I was right all along.

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I finally have an interview in a different dept in the lab on Monday. I hope things go well. This position won't give me more money but is M-F and is out of my current dept away from all the bullshit and a-holes.

Crossing my fingers

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Broke into Breaking Dawn

Finally started reading Breaking Dawn and Oh MY GAWD.. If it wasn't  for this weekend and family things to do I would be half way done. it's Thanksgiving in Canada and we went to Edmonton to visit my mom. I had to put my book down to navigate B to my mom's house and haven't had a chance to pick it up with visiting. I left it at a part that shouldn't have been left off grrrr.

I finally saw my pregnant friend, she looked so good and happy. I'm happy for her. I forgot her gift and didn't remember it until we were just outside of the city.

I smell the turkey cooking and it smells good. B and I are off to West Edmonton Mall to check out the new bath and body works store there.

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the results are in. Apparently I have very low B12 levels and must start taking supplements for it. When I told her that the GI specialist is scoping from both ends she asked why. I told her that he suspects that I've caused ulcers with the amount of advil I've been taking to control my headaches. She then said "that makes sense about your low B12. Your stomach lining plays a huge part in the absorption of B12."

I did a little bit more research on this and found that the stomach must produce a substance to allow the small intestine to absorb it. If left untreated I will develop anemia and eventually neurological problems. I read the symptoms of deficiency of B12 and tiredness is one of the symptoms. Now I'm really concerned on where the problem is starting from. Either I'm not producing the substance, or my small intestine is not doing it's job.

A step closer to finding out my problem.

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Oct. 2nd, 2008

So I've been a little upset the past few days, and my inerds are letting me know that the stress is not liked.  B had a key cut for me on the weekend, and I used it for the first time on tuesday. We were laying in bed and B started to talking. He said he brought up something last week and was wondering what I would decide. He proposed that I move in. The mortgage would would be divided in 3, and a consequence of me moving would be me getting rid of the cats. J and B don't want cats in the condo. I just don't know if I can do it, get rid of the cats. I layed in the bed and i felt the tears come with just the thought of it. I tried to hide it, but it kept on coming. B noticed and he asked if 'we' were ok. Of course we are I am just upset about losing my babies. I love them so much that I'm not sure that I can do it.

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Sep. 30th, 2008

I just can not believe how some people, grown people can be. There has been a supervisor position posted at the lab for the evening shift. Some co workers told me to apply. I did not. I do not wish to work that crappy shift for one and I can't stand the people on evening shift. Apparently they can't stand me. I have reason too,  they have been treating me like shit bad mouthing me for some odd reason. i think It is all stemming down from the one girl that stopped talking to me because she was talking to another girl that is now working the evening shift. And that girl has been bad mouthing me, because of the influence of the other girl. Now it's gotten so bad that one man told another supervisor that he applied for the position because he didn't want me to get it. Someone has been spreading falsehoods that I applied for the position. Now I'm trying to not let all this crap bother me but what the hell did I do to all these people?? Believe in fairness and try to enforce it. I am tired of these co workers of mine thinking they are all special and can get away with not doing any work. Don't get me wrong there are some good workers but those few can not be doing the bulk of the work. We all get paid the same so the work should be divided evenly. I think the evening staff are worried that I will come in and make them actually do some work. And well they are right hahahaha and I would say something about the ones that go out and get stoned on their breaks. Snorting cocaine on the job, huge no no with me.

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